Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bluff City Cycling presents: Rockport Rampage-Winter Cyclocross Series

Rockport Rampage, a grass roots winter cyclocross series held at the Rockport City Park in Rockport, Indiana. Series kicks off January 19th.

January 19th
February 16th
March 16th
April 13th

Registration at 10AM
Pre-Ride Course until 11:30AM
Races begin at 12PM

$25 Entry for Men's, Women's, and Junior's
$FREE Entry for kid's fun races

$50-Two Adult Entry's and one Junior, each additional Junior only $15
$30 Cash Sprint Race-2 Laps-100% Payout

Men and Women's Elite- 30 min.
Men and Women's Intermediate- 25 min.
Men and Women's Beginner- 15 min.
Men and Women's Single Speed- 25 min.
Junior's Advanced- 25 min.
Junior's Beginner- 15 min.

Free Class-Relay Event- One Lap Per Person, with teams of two
Free Class-Cruiser, Hybrid, Cargo Bike, Antique- One Lap

Register Online Here REGISTER ONLINE


  1. 15 minutes is too short. The races need to be longer. 30 minuyes minimum.

    1. Marco,
      The input is appreciated. So you feel even for a beginner or junior that 15 minutes is too short? If so, then we will take that into consideration and look at extending the class times a bit. Also, are you from the area or interested in driving from out of town?