Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Point's Standings- Excel Format


Here are the points standings after first round. The document is excel format. If you have any questions please email

Also note, the cash class entry was lowered for riders wanting to do multiple classes. We can no longer allow people to race Intermediate and Beginner or Intermediate and Elite. You cannot race multiple skill level classes unfortunately.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The first race of the series is upon us!

So just a few short hours until online registration for the first race of the series will close. There will still be on-site registration available on Sunday. Try to be there at a decent time as we will begin racing at 11am CST. If you want to arrive early the course will be available for pre-ride from 10am-11am. Also, the Community Building will be open with tables, chairs, and restrooms. This will be at the parking lot of the event and right near the starting area and the pit area. The parks board will be selling water, gatorade, snacks, fruit, and pizza to help raise money to create more cycling trails and paths within the city so support them as you can! We look forward to seeing everyone and having a great time. If you have any questions please email, txt, or call. Gary Bentley- (270) 320-6252

Sunday, January 12, 2014

4 Days left for pre-registration and big thanks to our sponsors!!!

With only four days left in our pre-registration, the Open Beginner class is really starting to stack up. If you feel like you are a competitive cyclist then maybe this class is not for you. Everyone will have the option to move classes before the event starts and if you are leading your class by a huge margin you will be ask to move up to a faster category. We want to keep this fun for everyone and winning is not the point. It is to have fun! Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we will be able to give the top four of each category some awards!!! Q7 Cycling Apparel has put up a high quality jersey and some sweet merchandise to give everyone a reason to push hard! RoadID has provided us with some excellent bib numbers and gift certificates so that everyone in 3rd place will be able to continue training and stay safe out on the road! Affinity Insurance/Communications-Radioshack of Rockport, IN will also be donating awards to us for our finishers! VeloInk hooked us up with some sweet decals for Rockport Rampage and every person finishing on the podium will get one of these 4 decal sets! There is still lots more to come! Let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call me (Gary Bentley) at 270-320-6252

Sunday, January 5, 2014


So, thanks to our sponsors and everyone for being involved. Just wanted to announce that we will be awarding prizes to the top four finishers in each category. Regardless of registration numbers the top four in each category will leave with something special. We will be flying the Sufferlandrian flag high on the day of the first race in honor of the minions. They have sent a special download of 'Hell Hath No Fury' for all fourth place finishers. So, maybe you finished just off the podium. Go get your download, train, train, and come back for race #2 and show everyone that suffering will take you to the top of the podium!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Only 14 days till the event, Only 12 days left to pre-register!

So, of course we are offering registration the day of the event but pre-registration allows for planning of funds in order to provide a more fun and more efficient race day. Either way we will be happy to see you on two wheels and having fun on our course. We have been working with local riders of all paces, ages, types of riding, and ideas. Also, big thanks to Todd Nix, River City Racing of Owensboro, and Be Real Sports for coming out donating their time and energy to help give ideas on what will make great use of our features. Given the experience behind these riders we will be offering a very fun and exciting course for every type of rider on any bicycle. There will be off cambers, timber crossings on uphills/off cambers, lots of grass to create the desired resistance for suffering, wood chip sections, run ups, barriers, gravel, pavement, mud and water. Of course for the over 21 riders bourbon and beer!(bring your coolers) We are truly excited about this first season of cyclocross in Rockport, Indiana and to my knowledge the first cross race in our immediate region. Big thanks out to our sponsors: The Lens Factory, Midwest Graphix, Brick Oven Pizza, VeloInk, WalnutStudio, The Sufferfest, Affinity Insurance, Legends, RoadID, and Q7 Cycling Gear! remember to pre-register at See you at the gate!